Submission Guidelines:

1.Submit the (.pdf) manuscript of not more than six (6) pages using the template of the manuscript through EasyChair Account. You may also submit the abstract of the paper (.pdf) if your intention is to present your paper only.

2. The reviewer's template of the manuscript is available here.

3. The paper should be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission. 

4. No paper will be accepted if its similarity index is more than 20%. The conference chair will use similarity index detector to check the similarity index.   

5. There should not be more than 2 papers for the same author/s.

Author Guidelines: 

1. The paper to be submitted has not been published previously (except for abstract and thesis/dissertation).

2. The authors must obtain permission from the copyright owner for use of figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere.

3. The title page should include the name(s), affiliations and email addresses of the author(s), an informative title and the email address, and mobile number(s) of the corresponding author.

4. An abstract of 200 to 250 words are enough. No undefined abbreviations or unspecified references in the abstract section.

5. Author(s) should provide 4 to 6 keywords

6. The introduction section should explain the objectives of the work and adequate background, with several literature as basis of the innovative idea.

7. The methodology section should extend the information discussed in introduction. Theory, calculations, designs and other discussions that will lead to the solutions of existing problem are also part of this section. 

8. The results and discussions section should be clear and concise discussions of the result of the experiments and show the study's strength compared with others.

9. The conclusion and future works section should briefly discuss the limitations of the research and opportunities for improvement.

10. The acknowledgement section provide acknowledgements to the  individuals or organization who extended help during the research.

11. The references section should follow the standard reference style of the journal publication.

Criteria for Full Paper Evaluation :

The papers will be evaluated based on the:

1. Relevance of the subject matter to the scope of the conference.

2. Contribution to the field.

3. Clarity of presentation of paper.

4. Technical Quality and Strength.

5. Originality.

6. Importance in the field.

7. Approriateness of title to content.

8. Adequacy and clarity of abstract.

9. Adequacy and clarity of the methodology.

10. Adequacy of figures, graphs and tables.

11. Clarity and appropriate explanation of equations.

12. Use of English language (Grammar).

13. Adequacy and quality of references.

14. Validity of data, claims, results, interpretations and conclusions.

Criteria for Abstract Evaluation  :

1. Relevance of the subject matter to the scope of the conference.

2. Contribution to the field.

3. Adequacy and clarity of the abstract.

4. Use of English Language.

5. Originality.

Camera Ready Paper Guidelines:

1. The corresponding author will be notified thru email the result of the review process. 

2. The authors of accepted paper must consider the revisions. 

3. Please see Registration Steps of the decision letter for additional instructions.

Oral Presentation Guidelines:

1. The presentor/author is expected to discuss the result of his/her research of not more than 10 minutes. 

2. Presentation should illustrate and discuss the highlights of the study.